Rocky Mountain youth are coming together- join us and take action for a livable future!

This spring students from all
over the Rocky Mountain region will converge in Missoula to exchange success stories, hear from movement leaders, and learn from each other. To meet the unique climate challenges facing our region, we'll need a diversity of tactics, and we’ll bring them together in Montana.

February 17-19

Missoula, MT

Community Highlights

Ready to recharge

It's been a little less than a year since I, and 20 members of our student group Climate Action Now, flew off to D.C. for the national Power Shift conference. And it was rad. We marched and yelled, learned how to organize and cheered each other on and collectively I think we could have taken on the world that wekeend. Since that time, I have been distracted and redirected by summer vacation, work, class, friends, and the rest of my life as a university student. I've reconsidered my life plan multiple times and then remembered that if you want to make God laugh, make a life plan.

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Sessions, Sessions, Sessions!!!!

Hey everybody! The website has been updated and about half of the workshop and panel sessions have been posted!! More are on the way. WAHOO!! But disclaimer....please DISREGARD the times at which they are scheduled THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Can't wait to see everybody there! 

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Rocky Mountain Power Shift REGISTRATION OPEN!!

Across the country students are organizing to demand a bold sustainable and clean energy future. Together students from all over the Rocky Mountain region will converge in Missoula, Montana (Feburary 17-19) to exchange regional success stories and campaigns, hear from climate movement leaders, and learn from each other how to organize and launch new campaigns!

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Are YOU ready???

Take the Path Less Traveled..

The world is a crazy place. There is so much going wrong in our society it feels like we are helpless to fix these problems. This is a feeling I sometimes find myself dweling in, but thats when the words of Edward Abby comfort me the most. Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul according to Abby and in my opinion I think he is spot on. Simply sitting idly by while oil and gas companies frack underneath our backyards and  doing nothing while TransCanada builds a pipeline of sludgy bitumen oil over our American aquifers sounds terrible. Screw sitting around and doing nothing, that sucks! Sure I may not change the world but I sure as hell won't change it sitting on my couch bitching about Obama to my friends. 

Taking action is the mantra of our generation. We have the numbers and we have the voice. We need to unite so our voice can be heard all the way in Washington D.C.  We need to say screw apathy, lets get to work and fix this mess!!

 The question is.....where do we start?

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